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Dennis Evansco

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Bryce MacMillan

I first met Dennis when I was five years old, so he would have to have been my very oldest acquaintance that I can recall. It was 1949 and it was the first day my family was moving into a house on Madrone Avenue in Larkspur. He lived a few doors down the street and that first day he came up to our house to check us out I guess. He took me on a tour of my new neighborhood and clued me into which kids I should steer clear of... In a remarkable coincidence in 1972, when I looked him up after I had been away from Marin for a few years, Dennis was now living in the very house that I had moved into with my family in 1949 when we first met.
We were buddies all the way through LCM and for awhile at Redwood before he left high school early to get married. Later on in life back then, when he became single again, we hung out some more and for about one year we shared a rental house in Tiburon that had a view of San Francisco Bay and the SF skyline. That house I rented through the NWPRR where I worked at the time, and cost the princely sum of $50 a month! It was an old railroad bunkhouse and we had quite a wild year  as I remember. That same year (1965) we went on a road trip to the Bonneville salt flats and it was an unforgettable trip. If Hunter S. Thompson had been with us, he could have written another book about a Nevada escapade and called it "Fear and Loathing in Elko". That was one of many adventures we shared.
Rest in peace, old buddy.

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